Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to invite friends to play with for Battlefield 3?

Im trying to play Battlefield 3 with my dad online im in Alaska and he is in Maine and everytime i sen him an invite to join my game or his game it says the server is no longer active. I just want to know why and how to fix it. Thank you in advanceHow to invite friends to play with for Battlefield 3?
Ok, I just read all your question, and I have no effin idea what a *no longer active Xbox 360 live battlefield 3* thinger is . . . but i'm gonna try to answer your question you game nerd;)

Ummm...uhhh....idk like call the dude in Maine and tell em to turn on his server or Xbox 360 live box majiger:) I really have no idea how to answer your question kid:)How to invite friends to play with for Battlefield 3?
This comment is for "i got that NewYorkerSwagg" ;; **** YOU! This dude is just trying to play with his dad. ******* *****, don't have a heart? Just cuz he's playing a game WITH HIS DAD doesn't mean he's a game nerdd.

But we all know for a fact that you're a ****, prissy *****. Did I help? "kid" (;

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How to invite friends to play with for Battlefield 3?
To make sure the two of you get into the same server, do the following process

1. Get to the main menu with the multiplayer disc

2. Hit the start button

3. On the slide that just popped up, locate his gamertag

4. Hit the X button which will send an invite to him.

5. After he accepts the invite, A light green area will show in the top of the side (start) bar, this indicates your squad which will then allow you to be put in the same game.

6. Hit "start" or "B" again to close the side bar, then select Multiplayer.

7. Either select quick match and hope you are put on the same team or skip this step and go to step 8

8. You can select server browser and find a match with 20/24 players (my recommended number as it shouldn't have many joining it).

9. Have fun

10 (optional). I'm F35FLYER on Xbox Live and if you wish to game with me or even have me setup the match send me a message as I'm on a lot. I would also recommend you have a microphone headset along with your father as you can then setup a party and communicate while setting it up and also while you are playing Battlefield 3.

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